What’s Next?

At the moment we’re just getting started and there’s only a handful of us but we’re excited about where God is taking us and the things He’s asked us to do. Here’s an idea of where we’re going as a family and what’s coming next…

Small Groups

We’re going to start life changing SMALL GROUPS.¬†Family is so important to us and we believe that life makes best sense in a family. We also know that following Jesus and becoming more like him is not a solo venture, we’re called to do it TOGETHER.


We’re going to invest serious time and energy in raising our CHILDREN so that they know who they are and what life is all about. We want our children to grow up knowing and loving Jesus and reaching to do FAR MORE than they see us do.


We’re going to take the HOPE we’ve found in Jesus to the streets. Picking up litter is just the beginning, in the coming years we’re going to look for new ways to demonstrate God’s love to the poor and less fortunate in genuine, sustainable and most of all radically GENEROUS ways.


We’re going to discover what it means to give our best to God in WORSHIP. More than a Sunday morning, more than just singing, we’re going to learn what it means to live our whole lives for God so that He gets all the credit and we grow in INTIMACY with Him